Filter for all titles with words in lower case


I already looked through the FAQ but couldn't find a solution for this filter query.

I'm looking for a filter too display only titles which contain at leat one word in lower case.

Any thoughts? :rolleyes:




Hey Dano,
this seems to be quit good but :huh: unfortunatelly I still have a few results which seem to belong
to the ' which is interpreted as a space so that the rest is interpreted a lower case word .


Non C'e
I'll Follow The Sun
C'mon People

And could you explain the structure with a few words :wink:

Thx for the fast response. :music: :music:


\b is a word boundary.
Here is a definition of it:

\l simple stands for a lower character.

If you don't want that ' is a word boundary you must define your own:
(^| )\l+\b
That would be a simple example that says that a word can start either if it is the first character or if there is a space before it.

Hey Dano,
thanks, that works perfectly for a first approach to find german songs (which usally contain Umlaute or/and lower case words in title or artist).
Than I can tag them easily.

Do you have a link for the other options and their explanation. Right now I worked with the script options for retagging.

Thanks once more for this super fast solution. :smiley: :smiley:


What do you mean by options?

I came across this thread as I am trying to do the same thing: filter for any lowercase words in the title. However, I'm not sure how to use "\b\l+\b". Would it be something like this?

%_title% HAS \b\l+\b

  • OR -

%_title% MATCHES \b\l+\b

I've looked over the help files and tried a bunch of different combinations but can't figure out how to get this to work.

Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Mp3tag has in the filter section a preset to ignore case, therefore the regular expression for MATCHES has to be set to switch off ignore case in order to respect case.

TITLE MATCHES "(?-i)\b\l+\b"


Thank you for the explanation!
I ran into the same issue as Wolfgang B, needing to exclude ' as a word boundary.

I added dano's bit to the expression, which appears to do what I need:

TITLE MATCHES "(?-i)(^| )\b\l+\b"

However, even though this works, is it "correct"?

Thanks again!