Filter for finding track number differences

I am looking to find a filter to highlight any difference between the track number and the track number in the Filename if possible please?.
I have notice a few tracks where there is a difference and just wanted to check my whole DB to highlight those that are a problem.
just as an example:

         Filename                  Track #           Title

11 Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times.flac 01/09 Good Times Bad Times


This should work, including both for single and 2-digit track numbers in both the filename and title.

"$if($eql($num($left(%_filename%,2),2),$num($left(%track%,2),2)),yes,no)" IS no

Just as a speciality in this case as both strings start with a number:
"$ifgreater($strstr($num(%_filename%,2),$num(%track%,2)),0,Yes,no)" IS no

Many thanks to you both for helping me.
That worked well.
It identified 221 tracks out of more than 130000 that needed to be corrected.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

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