Filter for finding tracks with ReplayGain

Looking for a filter argument to find tracks that I have ripped with the DBPoweramp ReplayGain DSP for track & album (EBU R128).
I've noticed quite a few albums where I ripped without the ReplayGain DSP and just wanted to find those so I can redo adding the ReplayGain so as to make them the same as the majority of tracks.
Would there be a filter to do this?
Also what column name should I have on the top line?

Check the extended tags dialogue to find the name for a replaygain field.
Then use that name
%replaygain field name% MISSING

Like Dynamic Range (R128) and Dynamic Range ?
Also is there anyway of adding this DSP using mp3tag or do I have to just use DBPoweramp?

I don’t believe there is a way to filter for this info.

This can’t be done in mp3tag.

It certainly filters it. This argument tells me what tracks don't have the ReplayGain info.
%Dynamic Range (R128)% MISSING
Guess now the only question is is it worth investing the time doing the albums missing the ReplayGain DSP?

These are custom tag values that can be written by JRiver. As you already have discovered, mp3tag can filter by any field once it exists.

You mentioned using dbPoweramp, which can write the Replaygain values. But not these range values. So I didn’t expect you had these available and wanted a way for mp3tag to calculate them.

These are the four fields that dbpoweramp writes for Replaygain.

You can filter for any of these four values as MISSING to find files that need to be evaluated for the RG info.

Thanks. Appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

Didf you have a look at the extended tags dialogue Alt-T?
That should show you the field names.

Yes I looked at Alt T and found all the field names.
There were more albums than I thought where I did not use the DBPoweramp ReplayGain DSP to produce the . Dynamic Range (R128)
but following are there:
Just not all the albums/tracks have the Dynamic Range (R128) listed.

So I could run my whole music folder using DBP batch converter to add this rather than individual albums.
But I am wondering what this will achieve for me. ie would it be a waste of time or would having this Dynamic Range (R128) be useful.?

I use dbpa to calculate RG for all of my tracks. But I have not seen this Dynamic Range before. What values does it typically show? Or is it simply a flag with a 0 or 1 set? I have only seen this in JRiver in the past, but I don’t use it myself.


While all of the info is good to be aware of does every music player able to take advantage of this EBU R128? Or is it a matter of trying to drill down into the specs if they are available?

I understand what dynamic range is and why it exists. I’m more curious as to how all of those were calculated and inserted as values into the files. This is not something that is done by mp3tag or dbpa.

This you will need to check with your preferred player(s). Many decent ones use Replaygain values. I’m not aware of any that reference the others.

I used to simply use this setting in dbpa replaygain (advanced setting)