Filter Hidden folders


I wonder if anyone else has this issue.
I have a Western Digital Mycloud and it creates hidden folders .DAV in every folder and subfolder.
The .DAV folder is a hidden copy of the parent folder.

The problem I have is that whenever I scan a folder or directory, MP3TAG scans this folder and treats the contents as actual mp3 files, where as they are just placeholders.

This as you can imagine doubles the loading time.
MP3TAG does not show any info on these files as they are hidden .mp3 files.

Is there anyway that I can configure MP3TAG to not scan hidden folders or filter all folders with name .DAV ??

Any help appreciated.

I have no clue, but will try a shot into the dark.
What happens, when you disable the WebDAV service?

See also ...


As a workaround you could just filter the files in windows-explorer and use the context-menue to load them in mp3tag.

Webdav turned off is no longer creating hidden folders, so I have just deleted them all

Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction