Filter irritating me...


Yes, here a while back, I started to go through some of my albums (small chunck by small chunk) and started to convert the information in the Composer field from the generally standard "T. Shakur/J. Jackson" and such, into full names & Stage Names to end up like "Tupac Amaru Shakur (2Pac)/Johnny Jackson (Johnny J)"

Now, I'm fairly new to MP3Tag, so go easy on me here, but earlier I loaded up my main folder which contains all my Artist & Album subfolders and wanted to quickly find the albums I have already edited into that format, so I figured an easy filter on the Composer field of " (" would do the trick, as they are the only ones with ()'s in that field. But when doing so, it returns no results. Does the filter just not work with ( & ) or, what? Any help is appreciated.


You have to 'escape' some special characters with the slash character (see help file), so use '(' for '(' and ')' for ')'.

Literals are all characters except ".", "|", "*", "?", "+", "(", ")", "{", "}", "[", "]", "^", "$".
These characters are literals when preceded by a "".



Wicked Cool Beans, thanks much for the help. I looked at the Help a few times, but found myself lost each time. I look forward to learning more and unleashing the full power of teh MP3Tag!