Filter managing feature is unable to show results of chosen filtering expression after deletion of others

I have a list of filtering expression. For example

a a a
b b

If I use the new Manage history... option and Delete e.g. the Y Y entry and choose b b and click Apply, then I will see in the box of the Filter the chosen b b filtering expression. However the list of files in the main window will not change accordingly but just stay the same as it was before opening of the Manage history... window, despite me having the Auto-apply filter option turned on. And what is more , if I now go to the Filter box and press one time the keyboard down arrow or turn down one time the mouse wheel, the filtering expression will not change to to c [which is below b b], but instead of that the Filter box will show and auto-apply a a a- because it just goes to the top of the list

This has been happening in version Mp3tag 3.14c and is happening in version 3.15 x64 on Windows 10. Before installing 3.15 I had the 3.14c uninstalled and also performed a reset of the system

Those two bugs are happening for filtering expressions that have either selected or not selected their unnamed checkbox in the Manage history... window

Many thanks for reporting! Can you try this version and check if the issues are resolved for you:

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Thanks for the update, this is working again for me now. I noticed the same issue just today that was reported above by @Zerow .


Thanks for confirming the fix. I'll release an official version including the latest fixes in the next days.

Yes, It seems to be working now A-OK now

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It's now fixed with Mp3tag v3.16.