Filter music by Country

Hi Everone,
i tag all my albums carefully and i sort them in folders by:
artist - (year) album title\artist - (track) song title.mp3

that way everything is nice and tidy with any file browser and i can easily and quickly sort or filter by, for example, year. But i think that also the country is significant, so i'd like to find a way to show all the artists from one country for example (among my music of course).

it seems a really basic need to me but i found no relevant info by googling... any suggestions?

i guess i need to tag the country in the file... but how can i read it then?

You can create custom columns in Mp3tag for custom fields (say, COUNTRY or ARTISTCOUNTRY). You can also add the field to the Tag Panel on the left. You'd then be able to see the data, edit it, sort the file list using it, etc. ... within Mp3tag.

But if your music application(s) don't recognize the custom tag, then it's mostly a waste of time. The only way you may be able to use the info is to add it to the album name or track title.

I only would like to add that even the standard field LANGUAGE (which one could abuse to reflect the country although there are loads of artists using English although they come from countries that have other languages) is not read by all players (e.g. WMP does, iTunes does not), so behold of a custom field ...

i've found this interesting script:


still have to figure out which is the most practical way to use it...