Filter on Album Title Phrase

I have been ripping albums the I collected ~1980s. Started about a year ago and up to Alberta Hunter (long way to go...)

I add all the ripped albums to my NAS, but I add to the end of the folder title the phrase "- LP" so I can differentiate the CD from the LP rips.

I am now trying to develop a list of just my LP rips. How would I filter for the album title containing " - LP"? I tried that with the filter: %album% HAS " - LP" and %album% HAS LP with no results. But then, when I cleared the filter, I see that the Album column does not contain the " - LP" in MP3Tag but it does appear in file explorer. That could explain why my filter search does not yield any results.

How would I go about creating a segmented list of my library containing " - LP" in the folder title?

With Mp3Tag use the filter:
%_directory% HAS " - LP"

Very helpful, thanks.

So now I've segmented my list. How would I go about exporting it to share with others? That is really my objective. Almost there, but can't figure out the next (and final) step.

There is an export function (Menu File>Export ...).
Also, see the help:
and the example export scripts: