FIlter opens in new column

Since many versions I have the problem that the "filter" is shown in a seperate / second column on the left side of mp3tag besides the tag panel

Every time I try to move it on the bottom of the tag panel (it works). I close mp3tag, re-open it and ... voilà, it's there in a separate column again.

I tried nearly everything including reducing the number of fields shown in the tag panel - no effect. It always open in a new column at start of mp3tag.

Anyone else experiencing this problem and any solution?

I think that the position of elements and a couple of other things are saved in the file mp3tag.cfg.
It would be interesting to know if you get an error message when you close MP3tag that this file could not be written.
Or you could also check, who the owner of this file is and if it is not the ID that runs MP3tag, then change ownership.
And if all that does not work, perhaps the file got damaged somehow and a completely new file may be worth a try (you loose a couple of user settings, though)

This sounds exactly like my very old problem that started happening to me for an unknown reason

Although my outcome is "only" similar [as it is my Filter that gets constantly moved below the toolbar with icons] but the triggering of this bug is exactly the same [in form of re-opening of Mp3tag]

But there is hope. Because also for whatever reason, on my new PC on which I installed everything from scratch, the frequency of this problem occurring have dropped significantly. Which does not make sense because this is my second installation [from scratch] of Windows 10 - although maybe you could try [just like I did] to install the version of Windows 10 from January of 2021? And install on it Mp3tag version from that time?

That's the things I already tried. I de-installed and re-installed mp3tag. No effect. Now I have a new laptop and installed mp3tag and - it happens again...
And of course, the mp3tag.cfg is there and "clean" (after new install) and "mine"...

Trouble shooting would be so much more effective if such details were published in the original description of the problem.

You could check whether there is only 1 mp3tag.cfg in your installation. Places to check would be the installation folder, the program data folder and the %appdata%\mp3tag folder. See whether there are any more cfg files and if so which one got the most recent modification date.

Because: if you really had a fresh installation, MP3tag would come up with the default values which is the filter at the bottom of the main window. How should a freshly installed MP3tag imagine a filter position that you chose some time ago?

You could speed up the search with an MP3tag tool for the explorer with the
Parameter: '/e,"'$getEnv('MP3TAGAPPDATA')'"'
This opens the explorer in the folder where MP3tag looks for other internal files.

ok, I use to try to concentrate on the problem itself and presuppose that I have checked the "usual" things before including a clean installation.

So it's like that:
Of course I did the "usual" things, checked for other installations (including other *.cfg files), blocked files, missing files - nothing.
Finally I did a clean install of mp3tag - and of course it was fine after first start. But a few days or weeks later the issue of "misplaced filter column" happened again.
Then I got my new notebook, installed a clean mp3tag, it was fine for a few weeks ... and now after a few weeks, the issue is there again.

So it's not a solution to re-install anytime the issue occurs to have it alright for a few days or weeks - than I can leave it as it is and resign and "live" with this bug.

But before I resign I wanted to ask, if someone

  • knows the bug
  • can retrace the bug
  • can solve (or already has solved) the bug

No, I have never experienced anything like this although I use MP3tag on a zoo of PCs with various OSs.
So it would still be up to you to watch closely under which conditions you get the observed behaviour and then describe a scenario to reproduce the issue.
I am sorry, I cannot help any further.

@ohrenkino , thanks although. It's a help, too, to know I probably will have to live with this issue.
I watched it close for months (I think now: years) and it comes "out of the blue": You work with mp3tag and it's fine (and I did really no changes to anything) and the other day You open it and the issue is there again. So it's maybe caused by anthing else (Windows Updates), maybe Florian can help, but otherwise I will live with it :slight_smile:

Have you considered avoiding the Windows system's oddities by installing and using mp3tag as portable? Works exactly the same as the conventional package but it avoids the registry and maintains configuration in the mp3tag folder.

Unfortunately that trick did not work for my similar issue

I think you might be right right

Few months ago when I bought my new desktop PC I thought that my problem [on desktop] was largely gone as most of the time Mp3tag did retaineposition of my Filter box between sessions. But then some day I finally noticed that it no longer merely sometimes [which was good enough for me] but always was not in the place it was left when I closed Mp3tag the last time. So my problem was back with full force. Between that observation and the day I installed Windows I did perform at least one update - so maybe it was it this that caused the bug to return in its whole glory

So today I kind of repeated this experiment

as I have now a new desktop machine and still that old laptop but with newer operating system. In both cases the system is Windows 10 installed from scratch - but the laptop has an older version. And on both systems I have successfully blocked updates [using Windows Update Blocker]

[Previously the experiment was performed on Windows 7]

Results came down to this: my old Mp3tag settings put on laptop were A-OK and all new default settings [after installations of Mp3tag] were A-OK on both desktop and laptop. But the very old settings that work properly on laptop [which have older Windows 10] on desktop [which has a newer version of Windows] run with that bug of mine

All in all after some additional tests I:
1] removed Mp3tag from desktop
2] installed Mp3tag 3.08
3] copied by hand options available under Tools > Options by simply selecting on desktop what I saw on laptop
4] copied all of old config files to my new installation - except mp3tag.cfg file

And now finally after all those years it seems that my Filter box finally understands that it is suppose to stay in the same place after closing of the Mp3tag

But I fear that with time it will start acting faulty once again- after some update of Windows and / or Mp3tag. And yes: My multiple action were messed after step 4 as they meticulous placement on the list was replaced with default alphabetical sort order. So if my bug comes back I will not indulge myself again in repeating of this tedious task

And it already does - kind of

Since that time [of configuring Mp3tag from scratch] it happened two time split / spaced between about 10 resets of the system and ~100 re-openings of Mp3tag. But now at least I am sure that it is not a fault of an update gone wrong of neither Mp3tag or Windows 10

ERGO: there is a bug

It seems to manifest itself only after a reset of a system - and thankfully still only sometimes

Multiple re-openings during on session do not seem to cause it