Filter Out Question


I have read, tried & get close, but failed often on how to:

I have at the end of file name, for example:
Artist - Title - Genre (XX) (X).mp3

I would like to know how to filter to get ONLY ALL (XX) as a result.

BTW: (XX) are numerical, IE (12) or (123) (12,123)

I tried: $, \d, MATCHES, HAS, & NOT, I get a blank list or all files,
NOT (XX) as the only result.

TY in advance


%_filename% MATCHES "(\d\d)"

THis should get all those filenames with 2 digits in parenthesis.


ohrenkino, thank you very much, it worked perfectly.

OOOPPS, I jumped too quick, I load a few songs to test & it appeared to have been the answer, but after I load a few hundred, I discovered it did not do it.

For example: (Inst) (M).mp3 or just this (M).mp3. Sorry ohrenkino.

Any other ideas. Thanks again


it should read:
%_filename% MATCHES "\(\d\d\)"


ohrenkino - YES! YES! YES! I hope you will smile as big as I am right now! Out of 800 I checked so far, it worked perfectly! Thank you!