Filter Question

Hi (again)
I want to filter titles that have: 12" Mix
(Only in this order) for example I don't want 12" Remix

I tried

title HAS "12" Mix"

But it doesn't produce the correct results

What am I doing wrong?


is this better:
%title% HAS 12 AND %title% HAS " Mix"

Thank You

It's better but it still produces:

12" Vocal Mix

Which I don't want

what about
%title% HAS "12"" Mix"

That's worse :frowning:
Also it's producing results without Mix in the title which is strange and is similar to my original attempt

Here is a new one:
%title% MATCHES "12. Mix"

Yes that's better!

Almost there :grinning:

Although I'm still getting: Original 12" Mix etc

I should have been more clear from the beginning

I'm looking to filter (12" Mix) not 12" Mix

Sorry for the confusion!

Thank You

what about this one:
%title% MATCHES "\(12. Mix\)"

That's It!

Thank you very much.
I appreciate it

Excerpt from the MP3Tag-Helpfile:
It is not possible to filter by strings containing double quotations marks. This is a limitation of the feature.

And to counter that limitation I have made a rule among all of my file, that instead of quotation mark
I always use two apostrophes

A plain and simple workaround. Depending on you local settings [of the font] they might look exactly the same