Filter requires a refresh in v3.13

I run Convert > Tag - Filename with a filter applied. The filter looks for files that need to be renamed. Once they're renamed the list is empty because the filter should exclude the renamed files. This is how it worked in v3.12 and earlier.

In v3.13 the list still shows the renamed files and I have to manually refresh to run the filter again. Is the previous behavior "correct", or is the new behavior an intentional change?

I haven’t seen this behaviour in the past at all. Once the filter is applied, any files that are then modified remain, even if the changes would effectively eliminate them from the previous filter action. The filter action needs to be removed and applied again to have these newly updated tracks excluded.

I suuport @MotleyG: there has never been an automatic refresh for a set filter.

I also cannot recall that other behavior

Filter in 3.13 works as always

I've marked the original reply as solution, the Filter behaves as usual.

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