Filter/sort Artists with "The" Leading

Greetings Everyone. Long time user of mp3tag, and it has saved me countless of hours for both my personal music collection and for my DJ company...

Anyway - I have a collection that with both sets listed above totals around 19,000 tracks. One of the things i am trying to do is to remove duplicate artist entries for which there is an artist and then the same artist with a leading "The". I want to have them all formatted the same.


Track name: Yellow Submarine
Artist name: The Beatles

Track Name: Hey Jude
Artist Name: Beatles

Now what I would like to do is to be able to SORT or FILTER by artists with AND without the leading "THE", and then rename the artists as needed or delete duplicate songs.

The problem is, I am unsure of WHICH artists the leading "The" may effect. I have come across Moody Blues/The Moody Blues; Beatles/The Beatles, and a multiple others.

Is there any sort or filter function to be able to EASILY locate the duplicate artists with and without the "The"????

Thanks for the help, you all have been huge helps over the last few years!

Justin L
User since version 2.2(something) :slight_smile:

To find all the artists with "the" in the name you could use the filter

%artist% HAS "the"

Then for each artist you could use

%artist% HAS "Beatles"

%artist% HAS "Moody Blues"


To filter artist with a leading The use
%artist% MATCHES ^The

You will have to treat them manually anyway as there are artists that need the "the" like "The Band" or "The The".
As MP3tag does not compare two tracks, it cannot judge whether there are diverging entries. You would have to do that.
Using the above filter will at least show you those with a leading The in the name. These should not be too many.

Hi, hope some one can help me

Is possible to filter albums with different years tracks/songs

Different years in songs happens often in some various artists CDs


No, there is no filter so something like that as MP3tag does not compare the contents of different files.
You would have to create a report and use an external programme to find the differences.

Almost there :slight_smile:.
%artist% MATCHES ^The
It matches "The The", "The Beatles" but also "Them" and "These Green eyes".
Use %ARTIST% MATCHES "^The\b" to avoid such (rather rare) cases.
Someone would point the artist "The" (not The The). Well, use ARTIST% MATCHES "^The\b." to be perfect.

Thanks ohrenkino for you help

I have another question, I have a very large Mp3 collection, more less 16,000 albums, so I need to use ''Filter'' or ''Actions''

I have a lot of compilations and soundtracks, I need to TAG them: Various Artists in the field: Album Artists

Is there a way to ''filter'' my compilations? or an ''Action'' to do the job

I already try this one but is not working for me, I get 0 results
Files with multipe artist tags:
"$meta_sep(Artist,\\)" HAS \\

Thanks in advance

The metasep-function lets you see the contents of several fields of the same type in one string.
You will find out if you have such files with
NOT "$meta(artist,1)" IS ""

If you have tagged your compilations and soundtracks in a different way, you would have to give a concrete example for hints on filters.

After you have filtered, you may apply an action to modify the files (you may actually apply an action also without filtering ;-))