Filter titles ending with the ")" character?

Hi, I've been able to filter titles that have ")" in them, but I haven't been able to figure out how to filter just the titles that end with ")".

For example, show only:

"Song Title (notes)"
"(First Part of) Song Title"

(Edited to fix my goof in my initial posting. Sorry for the confusion!)



Title MATCHES "\)$"

Edit: You need to preceed paranthese with a "\", I did that in my reply but even here the html hides the \ so I had to write it two times to make it visible.

Edit2: And to make it work on filename you would use:

%_filename% MATCHES "\)$"

Hi, thanks for responding! So, that didn't work with the ")" character, but it did work when I tested it with regular letters, like "r" for titles ending in "door" or "river"

Maybe I need to bracket the ) with something?

EDIT: Got it! Needed to put a \ in front of the ), like this: Title MATCHES ")$"

Thanks again!

I would like to point out that the examples look a lot like a filename and not like the tag-field TITLE. So I would assume that a filter

as correct as it is for the tag-field TITLE will not work if that field is not filled but we were talking about the filename instead.
The best way would be to fill the tag-fields first, edit them so that they are OK and then rewrite the filename.

Oh snap, you’re absolutely right. I am trying to filter the Title tag, but I used MP3 file names in my examples. Sorry for the confusion, but the good news is that your script did work. I just needed to put a \ in front of the ).

Thanks again!