Filter upgrades



I would like to propose two things:

1] A feature of reversing the filter search, by clicking on an icon

If one uses a short expression like

title HAS "ABC"

it's easy to reverse the search by writing

NOT title HAS "ABC"

But when you have something like

$ifgreater($strstr($lower($left(%TITLE%,6)),$lower($left(%ALBUM%,6))),0,1,0)" IS 1

then without a proper knowledge you will be lost in that code

I am aware of that it may be near to impossible, to write into the code of Mp3tag all the ready-to-use-negatives, or whatever you ma call it. Or that some expressions may even not it's negatives at all. But there could be a very simple workaround. Because Mp3tag could act like this:
a] users puts the expression in the filter
b] users clicks the button
c] Mp3tag creates a temporary file with all the loaded files
d] Mp3tag creates a temporary file with all the loaded files visible at the given moment with the filter working
e] Mp3tag compares both files and displays only the files not present on the second list

And an even more advenced feature would allow the search within the search [create another reverse list from first reverse list]. And also would make it possible to save a search under for example number from 1 to 10, do that the user could quick and easily compare different searches done at his files. [History of searches is not handy like that]

This idea came to me near the end of this topic: Filter reverse

2] It would be much easier to write and read in the filter field all those complicated codes like the aforementioned one

$ifgreater($strstr($lower($left(%TITLE%,6)),$lower($left(%ALBUM%,6))),0,1,0)" IS 1

with different colors in it; just like you can see codes in this forum

[I've put the code i CODEBOX, but the colors / formatting didn't show up; just the code as ordinary text in the box itself, as you can see]


This was implemented in earlier versions of Mp3tag, but has been changed, and I do not miss it.

The proper knowledge is laid down in the Mp3tag help manual, and even more special refinements are buried here in the Forum.

For your example ...
"$ifgreater($strstr($lower($left(%TITLE%,6)),$lower($left(%ALBUM%,6))),0,1,0)" IS 1
... the inversion is ...
NOT "$ifgreater($strstr($lower($left(%TITLE%,6)),$lower($left(%ALBUM%,6))),0,1,0)" IS 1
... or ...
"$ifgreater($strstr($lower($left(%TITLE%,6)),$lower($left(%ALBUM%,6))),0,1,0)" IS 0



As soon as you enter the world of true expressions like
%_filename_ext% HAS "jpg" AND NOT %_filename% HAS Cover AND NOT %_filename% IS folder
it is not clear, what a filter-inverter would do. Invert the first, second or third expression? Or all?
Probably all.
Having such a powerful query language at hand will enable you to pinpoint more or less any set of data.
Actually, the option to search through a set of records would not be necessary if you expand the filter expression with the search term.
This has the discrete charme that you do not have to hop through a lengthy list but you see at one glance (at the bottom in the status bar) how many hits you would have got.
It is a different concept to e.g. searches in word processing but once you get the hang of it you will see the benefits.


Every additional click or keyborad stroke is just... another click or stroke