Mp3tag v2.86 released


I've just released Mp3tag v2.86!

This version comes with a wide variety of changes, most notably:

:orange_book: Library to permanently store metadata
Normally, Mp3tag reads metadata from files when loading files, directories or playlists and stores the data in memory. Then, when you close Mp3tag, the data once read from the files is discarded and must be read again the next time you're working with those files in Mp3tag.

This can become both time consuming and memory intensive, especially when dealing with large amounts of files. If you enable the Library in Mp3tag (see 'Options > Library'), metadata is first read from the files and then stored in a database that resides in Mp3tag's configuration folder. On subsequent reads of the file, the metadata is read directly from the database and updated iff the file's modification timestamp has been changed. In addition to that, cover art or other binary data is not kept in memory but is stored in the database, which can reduce the amount of memory that is consumed by Mp3tag significantly.

This version also fixes many issues and includes smaller changes. You can get a complete overview via the history of changes.

:rocket: You can download the new version from

:orange_heart: And if you like Mp3tag and want to support my work, I’m happy about any contribution

As always, enjoy and take care
– Florian

Not enough memory / Runtime error
64 bit port

PLEASE, do not ever make the Library enabled by default. It may take more time to load files without the Library, but reading source files directly eliminates a non-transparent source of error.

Just look at iTunes. How many problems with data consistency would be solved if Apple didn't keep important data in their version of a library?

Thanks for listening,


The Mp3tag library was not made "to keep important data". AFAIK the library was made to speed up the (second) reading process, specially for large amount of files. And to consume less memory.
If you ever have a problem with this library: Just delete it and let Mp3tag read your files again.

There is nothing stored in the library only. That is just one of the big differences to iTunes or other tools relying on their databases.

As soon as you use Mp3tag for larger amounts of files, you will see the huge advantage of this library.