Filter When Multiple Entries

I have multiple %podcastcategory% tags for each mp3 file (they show up separated by pipes in the main display, but as individual entries in the extended tags view). I seem to recall (from years ago) the filter %podcastcategory% HAS apologetics would find entries whether or not apologetics was first, second, ... or last in the list of podcastcategory entries. Now it only appears if apologetics is the first entry.
So I can't say for sure if this a bug or a feature request.

if you want to see all, use $meta_sep(podcastcategory,|)

Sorry if I'm just being slow ... but
$meta_sep(%podcastcategory%,|) HAS apologetics
doesn't seem to work as a filter
Can you elaborate?

A question of syntax:


Well of course I had tried the filter $meta_sep(podcastcategory,|) HAS apologetics ... which gives every record instead of only those where one of the podcast categories has apologetics ... and I've tried $meta_sep(podcastcategory,apologetics) and almost every other combination and permutation. I just want those records where one of the podcastcategories is apologetics.

If in doubt, use "
I get results with
"$meta_sep(podcastcategory,|)" HAS apologetics

Well if this aint the damnedest ... now
podcastcategory HAS apologetics
works. Same data set (that I've had for years).
A glitch in the Matrix?
I'll keep an eye out to make sure it keeps working.

Thx for your attention.

btw for others who may view this thread later, I use the action split field by separator to place these values into their own podcastcategory fields.