Filtering aout Duplicate album names

Can someone help me to come out with a filter, which shows only albums with exact same name in %album% field? :rolleyes:

As MP3tag only looks at one file at the time, it is not possible to compare tags of different files.

You may use an export and other programs to compare line by line ...

Or you can sort by ALBUM and then scroll through the list.

Just my personal note on the contents:
There are loads of albums around like "Best of" or "Greatest Hits". If this is the only string in the ALBUM field, then you will get a lot of false hits.
Also, the presence or absence of definite or indefinite articles is a source for errors - it could be "The Greatest Hits" or just "Greatest Hits" ... and so on.
So, even if you have found a way to see similar albums, you cannot be sure that you have found them all.

Yes, and this is the exact case, why I need to separate them somehow, as my DLNA server does not like it.
It puts everything together into same album folder, hence why I need to somehow detect such naming "collisions" and change %album% to something unique for every artist.

I don`t think it would be a false hit, it is actually that "naming collision" which I exactly want to find :slight_smile:

If you have more than 65K of different albums and singles, it would take forever, to look them trough, line by line. :laughing:

you can filter for such keywords:
%album% HAS Greatest

and then you can apply an action of the type "Format Value" for ALBUM e.g.
Format String: %album% '['%artist%']'

And then you go through the other possible duplicates and their keywords.
Sorry, within MP3tag there is no other way.

OK, then well only option would be with a "key word" as I suspected...
Thank you for confirming.

A proper Filter expression should be something like this ...
Filter: ALBUM IS "Etz's Besties"