Filtering by folderpath

Filter works fine for filename and folderpath, but I want to filter by filepath e.g. .*\artist\track ? Anyone know a trick to do this? Thanks.

In the Filter panel, selecting "_PATH" from the fieldlist should do it, but it doesn't.

Example using system placeholder "_PATH":
This returns hits
Filterstring: ^Z:\\.+\\.+\\$
This returns nothing
Filterstring: ^Z:\\.+\\.+\\.+$

So "_PATH" offers the same behaviour as "_FOLDERPATH".

I think this is a buggy behaviour.

As a workaround proposal (not tested) you may create a new temporary tagfield called "PATH" or so and format this tagfield with Formatstring "%_PATH%".
Then use the placeholder "PATH" in filter panel.


I think this is a buggy behaviour.

I think you're right. I'll file a report.

Thanks D.