Filtering by year, artist letter

Hi All
i'm trying to filter my list by year and by artist letter "eg a,b,c..." i have tried by what i found on the net but i can't figure it out, so please can someone help thanks.

You are looking for a filter for YEAR and ARTIST starting with letter A or starting with letter B or starting with letter C?
Or do you search for all ARTIST where somewhere in his/her name the letters a or b or c exists?

You could try:
%year% IS 1978 AND %artist% MATCHES "^a"
Or do you want to sort by year and then by artist?

And don't forget the notes in the documentation:

  • All operations are non-case sensitive

Sorry here what i'm trying to do %year% 2019 %artist% "b" i hope i'm close Thanks

What about the already existing suggestion


i'm not sure the the filter sytnx should be thanks

Has it worked or hasn't it?

Hi this is what i have done %year% 2019 %artist% "b" nothing come up i also tried %year% is 2019 %artist% "b" as you displayed still nothing. so i'm not sure what i'm missing.

This is invalid filter syntax, please have a look at the documentation:

esp. the part

  • All operations are non-case sensitive. All filter keywords must be uppercase.

I am still puzzled why you do your own experiments when the correct example is already present and you only have to replace 1978 with the year that you had in mind but did not write down when you first asked your question.
Again - this is the correct filter syntax:

Thanks that worked this time i left some words and symbols out my bad,

Ohrebkino i try ti figure out the problem first and lokking at exsamples on here are hard sometime to understand since i'm no programming genius as yourself. you all on here that do program fail to realize is that there are most likely many that aren't and don't understand it. for this freakin reason is why i try to do them on my own first. i myself am tried of being looked down upon by the programming lords.

You don't have to write this words, symbols and commands by yourself character by character.
Just mark the entire line, in this example
%year% IS 1978 AND %artist% MATCHES "^a"
Then, on the still marked/selected line, right click with your mouse and choose "Copy".
Then switch to your Mp3tag. Load your songs as usal.
To use a Filter command, press F3.
Then right click on the visible Filter line and choose "Paste".
The entire text will appear 1:1 with all the special characters.

This process is called "copy & paste"

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