Filtering-in 1000 albums

Can anyone suggest how I can filter-in all the albums on a list of 1000?

Each album is in a separate directory so I have tried:

%_parent_directory% IS 00008637207120 OR %_parent_directory% IS 00008637209025 OR %_parent_directory% IS 00008637211721 OR %_parent_directory% IS 00008637215323 OR ...

but this exceeds the 30000-char limit of the filter.

I do not want to change the track files.


Regex MATCHES ???

... or ... just an idea ... maybe you can create subgroups?

%_parent_directory% HAS leading 000086372
(%_parent_directory% HAS trailing 09025 OR
%_parent_directory% HAS trailing 11721 OR
%_parent_directory% HAS trailing 15323)


30000 characters - that is a about the equivalent of 7 pages A4 (80 chars by 55 lines). I simply doubt that anyone would ever type in such a filter.

As you give only 4 examples it is very hard to tell how to filter the actual data.
Do you really want help for a filter or simply tell that you have found the limits of an input box?

Agreed. I paste it.

You misunderstood. That's one example, abbreviated.

I can't see how that will work on an arbitrary list.

D, it is an arbitrary list. Generated by Export of a playlist.

If you have the list from a playlist ... why don't you d&d the playlist as this apparently has all the tracks in it. Then there is no need for filtering.

Hmm ... but the filter cannot be arbitrary?!
You want to find concrete targets.


!!! good idea !!!


This filter string can be arbitrary. Referring to the concrete targets in the arbitrary list of albums.

Incorrect again. It does not have all the tracks in it.

%_directory% MATCHES "Edits|Mori|Nat"

... finds all tracks within the folders ...
Nat 'King' Cole
Alanis Morisette


Thank you. Perhaps the supplied information was misleading, then.

How do you get all tracks?

A little more maths: you have to load a fairly high number of files to filter 1000 albums.
If each album has an average of 12 tracks you list 12000 tracks. And then?

Ah, to compress the string. With album IDs of 14 chars, that cuts my 1000-album list string to 4125 chars. Good enough for now! Thanks for the workaround.

Correct. I do have a fairly high number of files.