Filtering on any field matching a regexp

How can one filter to show only the tracks in which any field matches a regexp? This was possible before the change of filter format, but with the new format I cannot find a placeholder equivalent to ALL. Thanks.

What about * ?

Thanks. That's missing from the button list. But it is in the Help, where I overlooked it.

So FTR the answer is * MATCHES . Also available is * HAS .

A suggestion, Florian: add * (all fields) to the button list.

Also Florian, perhaps it is worth considering the effect of the recent change of filter from using _ALL to *. The user must now apply different symbols to represent 'all fields' in different places in the program e.g. _ALL in Actions and * in Filter. Perhaps allow _ALL in the filter too? (Also I see the filter no longer recognises _TAG, though it does recognise %_tag% (and that is on the button list).)

This works ...
"%_tag%" HAS "APE"