Filtering questions/suggestions


Shouldn't there be a button to execute filters? I haven't used them much, but say you load up your entire 100,000 track music library. Every time you enter a different character in the Filter input box it sets Mp3tag off to doing something against that entire set of files. When working with large numbers of files the current behavior almost forces you to set Field to until you've finished entering the entire Filter string.

Similarly, if you have an active filter in the F3 dialog and close the panel, you then get an unfiltered list (this makes sense). But when you open the dialog again it immediately applies the filter. It would be much nicer and nearly as simple to press an 'Apply' button to accomplish the same thing.

How do you add new fields to the Field list? I was just playing around and it seems you have to use the field somewhere else in Mp3tag, then close and open Mp3tag again before you can filter on the field. Which is awkward.

Is there any way to do successive filterings? Say I wanted to find all tracks with genre 'Blues' and then some particular artist?


[Apply] [Invert] [Cancel]


I agree but if you set to the filter is disabled and you can't type anything in! I have to type my filter in notepad then paste into the filter field to avoid this problem. I second this request. I would like optional execute filter on enter key or have a keypress delay of some milliseconds.


Oops, I didn't realize that. Just figured it was a logical workaround. Thanks for the correction.