Final Question - Remove from History

I have reviewed a number of posts and find no good way to do a "bulk remove" of filename to tag formulas. I name all of my music the same way so the tag to filename history is less of a problem, but after many thousands of files from different sources, that history is very large. To remove each entry individually is very time consuming and if one does not ultimately choose a format and actually do a change, you lose all of your previous removals. Just by looking over the posts, I come to the conclusion that an easier way to remove multiple history entries would be welcomed by a large number of users. Is there any configuration file that could be edited? Is there a way to select multiple history entries? Is this feature a possibility for a future release?
Thank you in advance for any help.

Yesterday I spent some time and individually removed a large number of tag formulas. My computer was rebooted overnight for an operating system upgrade. All of the tag history that I had removed was back again.

I'll add a modifier option (via [Shift] key) to the Remove from history menu item that will remove all items.

Maybe that's a little too secret?
How about a second menu item "Remove complete history" with a confirmation box.

Need confirmation box - if possible.
It would be good if you could sort the history.
Because the prog is so good I am sure many of us have large histories - sorting the strings would be a really good option.