Find album using scripts

First post here.

I have been using MP3tag v2.46 for a few weeks now, just using the basic features, no scripts, or anything like that. My problem is that some of the music that I have does not have the correct Album information, so I have been going through each song one by one, and looking the Album up on Amazon. I was searching here on the forums just to see if there was a way to do this in Mp3tag using scripts, when I found this topic.

My question is, is there a way to automate the process of finding the correct Album using scripts in Mp3tag?

Also, I do a little bit of scripting in AutoHotKey (not to be confused with the scripts in Mp3tag), and I have automated the process somewhat as described by the OP above. I can highlight text, and use Ctrl-S to look up the text in Amazon, or I can use Ctrl-G to Google the text, or Ctrl-W to do a Google site search on Wikipedia.

If there is no better way to do what I need to do, I will continue along my current path. If anybody is interested, I can refine my script, and post the code for other users to try, and suggest improvements.

Thanks for Mp3Tag! :slight_smile:

What topic? Did you leave out the link?

I use AutoHotkey quite a bit, I'd like to see your script. I like anything that can speed up the tagging process.

I originally replied to this topic:
Enhancement request: Use clipboard for album title when album tag is empty
One of the Mods must have move my post, and started a new topic for me.

I cleaned up the script a bit. Since you are familiar with AHK, I have attached 7z file with both an exe file, and a copy of the source. It works well for me, using Win7 / IE8. I haven't tested on anything else.

My filenames are in [Artist] - [Title] format. The sequence that I use to find an album goes like this:

  1. Click on a row to highlight the row.

  2. Click again on the filename to change to edit mode (where you can enter/edit text)

  3. Ctrl + Shift + A = Tag Sources > Amazon

  4. If Mp3tag finds a suitable album, go with it! (Go to step1 )

  5. If not use one of the key combo below for various search types. (in order of preference)

    A. Ctrl + Shift + W = Search > Google Site: Wikipedia
    B. Ctrl + Shift + D = Search > Discography from Wikipedia
    C. Ctrl + Shift + G = Search > Google

  6. Highlight text on search page

  7. Ctrl + Shift + A = Tag Sources > Amazon

And keep repeating until finished. The script will switch windows for you. I could automate it some more, by having it perform a search automatically if an album is not found by using Ctrl + Shift + A in step 3.

If you have any ideas for improvement, I would like to hear them, and if You make any changes to the code, please share.

Ok the upload failed. Says I can't upload a 7z file. I will work on it, If I have to I'll post a link.

Well I got your script to work after a couple minor changes to this:

Sleep, 50
Click, 205 35
Sleep, 50
Click, 238, 110

It wouldn't work because the coordinates were off. That's why I try to avoid clicking by coordinates if at all possible, keystrokes are more reliable. So I changed it to:

Sleep, 50
Send, {Alt}s ;Clicks Tag Sources
Sleep, 50
Send, {Down 2} ;Highlights
Sleep, 50
Send, {Enter} ;Opens the search box

After that it was working well with Amazon. When I have some more time I'll test searching the other sites. I use Firefox so I might have to make a few changes for that.