Find and replace in tag changes?

I have a great many files that use fields that have long tag data.

For example, in some videos of orchestral concerts I have a field called "Album Artist"

A typical entry might be:

  • Beethoven Piano Concerto 5 - Lang Lang

  • Schumann Piano Concerto - Yuja Wang

Or . . .

  • Brahms Violin Concerto - Hillary Hahn

  • Sibelius Violin Concerto - Joshua Bell

Or . . .

  • Dvorak Symphony 9 - Berlin Philharmonic

  • Mozart Symphony 40 - Concertgebouw

I would like to quickly and easily to a "find and replace" on the tag data in that one tag field such that the

  • "Piano Concerto" gets replaced by "PC"

  • "Violin Concerto" gets replaced by "VC"

  • "Symphony" gets replaced by "S"

All other text in each entry would remain the same.

It is easy to do this sort of thing with file names, but I would like to know if a similar process is possible for other tag data.

Please advise.

See the help, esp. on an action of the type "Replace"