Find artists with the same name but different case?

I use Squeezeboxes and the server doesn't combine artists with the same name and mixed case.

For example, "fleetwood mac", "fleetwood Mac" and "Fleetwood Mac" show up as 3 different artists.

Another example, but slightly different: "Harold Budd & Brian Eno" and "Harold Budd And Brian Eno" show up as 2 different artists.

Rather than search through the entire list of artists and change them individually, is there a way I could use Mp3tag to show only files that have the same artist names but with different casing?

This is beyond my level of experience with expressions... :flushed:

If someone could get me started, it would be most appreciated!

I appreciate your problem but I doubt that MP3tag will really help you (except perhaps for the export function) for the following reason:
MP3tag does not compare tags between files. It only knows about the current file.

You could create an export and then process the strings according to your needs.

Thanks for your reply. So there's no filter expression to say "show matching artist tags if the names have mixed case"? Sorry if that is asking the same question again, I guess I don't understand your explanation.

As far as I understand your example you have one file that has the artist

  1. fleetwood mac
    and another that has
  2. fleetwood Mac

So if you want to find "differences" you have to compare 1) with 2).
But this is exactly what MP3tag cannot do.

You can, though, filter if you have a string that is all lower case (here an example for TITLE):
"$ifgreater($strstr(%title%,$lower(%title%)),0,yes,no)" IS yes

But this will not find the example that you have given with Fleetwood Mac.

Not an automatic or script solution. I had similar problems and found a relatively fast way of doing the corrections manually, it may help.
I have all my music in subdirectories under a single "Music" folder. Tell mp3 to go to the top level folder and find all your files. Customise the column display to show the field you want. Next sort the column alphabetically. MP3 tag ignores case in sorting so all instances of fleetwood mac will be together, select this group. Now select view - extended tags and edit the artist field as you want it.