Find cropped ID3v2 tags (exactly 30 signs long)

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I'm looking for a method to find Mp3 files in my collection, that contain cropped ID3v2 fields, which were created in defective ID3v1 to ID3v2 conversions. Actually for this purpose I just need to find a way how to select all files that contain IDv2 fields which contain exactly 30 signs.

I hope this question is not to off-topic as probably Mp3tag cant do this, but as its still related to the whole subject I believe here is a good place to ask such a question.

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Try a filter with
"$len(%artist%)" EQUAL 30
You would have to repeat that for more or less every field from the ID3V1 standard - but as there are more or less only ARTIST, TITLE and ALBUM that could contain longer text, it should not be too much of an effort.

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With regular expressions, ^.{30}$ should give you what you seek.

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