Find files with different 'genre' tag inside the same folder

I use quite a lot the 'genre' tag on my mp3 device and I hate it when I tagged differently releases of the same artist. Ex:

"music\artists\artistA\release1" > release1 is tagged Folk
"music\artists\artistA\release2" > release2 is tagged Indie Rock

Any idea to find all the artists (parent folder 'artistA') with different 'genre' tag inside?

Load the whole music\artists\artistA folder (or maybe even music\artists) into Mp3tag.

First sort by Genre, then Artist. Have the Artist and Genre columns next to each other and you should be able to scroll down through it, look at all the tracks for one Artist and see if the Genre changes.

btw: what a poor artist that serves only one genre.
On the more serious side:
It is not possible to compare any two tracks with MP3tag.
So there is no indicator that any named field, when compared, has different entries. I would appreciate such a function to find duplicates (so to say the other way round). But is not possible.

You have to find which entries you want and then e.g. build a filter that shows all those not matching your criteria
e.g.: %artist% IS artistA AND %genre% NOT IS Folk.

Hello, I've actually found a solution with MediaMonkey.

Thanks to this script, the "Person with... Multiple Genres" function will do exactly what I was looking for. Test pic: