Find or search for lowercase first letters

I can see that there are some methods within the forum to address uppercase first letter issues
Is there a way, using the Find function ( or any other method), to find files that have some lowercase first letters in the Filename or Title so that I can make a decision as to which ones need to be changed manually?
Currently I have been looking at every track....majority are fine but there are a few that I would like to fix....sending me blind looking through 80000 tracks...:
Sometimes some first letter still need to be lower case especially in some classical music.
I can use the find function for most things but identifying a capital versus lowercase first letter would be nice if possible.

try this filter:
title MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z]

Thanyou...was not expecting such a speedy response :smile:
One other question if I could.
If I wanted to find a forward slash or double forward slash in either composer or genre fields..would there be a way of doing that?

Try this:
composer HAS / OR genre HAS /
(I think that a single slash is also part of fields with a double slash but if you want to find them exclusively ...
composer HAS / AND NOT composer HAS //

Using the argument if the find field (filter field I am assuming)
title MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z]
seems to just show every file..

Are you sure?
Because I get really only that file that I editted to start with a lower case letter at the beginning of the field TITLE.
You can see in the status bar how many files are loaded and how many are displayed. stupid mistake.I used (?-1) instead of (?-i)
Should use glasses..
Thankyou again.
Much appreciated.
Out of 80000 odd it has detected 16 with issues...wished I had asked before I changed 800 files during the last week...crazy_face:

title MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z]

The above seems to have worked for finding lowercase issues with the first letter of a word in the title now when I enter this into the find area there are no results displayed.

Should this also work for filename (or artist etc if I use "artist MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z])") if I change it to:

filename MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z]

when I enter into the find area it for filename I get no results.
I guess it could mean that there are no lowercase issues?

Also the other suggestions worked well:
composer HAS / OR genre HAS /`

composer HAS / AND NOT composer HAS //`

it should be
%_filename% MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z]
(I am missing the %-parts of the variable names)

Thankyou again..I shall try it when I get back some time this weekend.

%_filename% MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z]
Does not seem filter out any filenames with a lowercase first letter of a word in the filename column even if I deliberately create some lowercase first letters.
I know there are 3 song titles and file names that are medley type tracks with a)track title b)track title etc
eg a) Eleanor Rigby b) ELDS
"title MATCHES (?-i)^{a-z}" filters these and displays them but "%_filename% MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z]"
does not show them even though the filename has the same info basically as the title.
Also I was unsure what you meant by "(I am missing the %-parts of the variable names)"?
So is it that something like an "a)" or "b)" meant to display with the filename filter "%_filename% MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z]" ?

This is what I get with the 2 filters:
Please note the statusbar - this has been done on the same set of files.



Still did not get the filtered items I was expecting to see.
These are the results I get.
Searching the entire library with each filter.

  1. Using "title MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z]"

2.Using "%_filename% MATCHES (?-i)^[a-z]"

  1. Using "%_filename% MATCHES (?-i)^[A-Z]"

Thought that the a) or b) or c) (in the titles) should of displayed in the filename filter as in the title filter?

If I see that correctly, then the filename from a) is
05 Vanilla Fudge - a)....
So it starts with a number and no letter, regardless of the case.

So is what you are say that the %_filename% MATCHES (?-I)^[a-z] or the [A-Z] version will not really do the same job for filename as in the title search filter to filter out lowercase first letters....filenames for tracks usually have a track number so if thats the issue then the filter looks like it wont do what I wanted for filename.

Your assumption that you filter for files with a lower case letter at the beginning will lead to no hits if these filenames start with a number.
It is no problem of MP3tag or the filter it is a problem of your assumption.
The string that comes from the field TITLE seems to be part of a larger construct:
So cut away the first part and you should be able to compare the string.
The simpler way: find the files with a lower case at the beginning of TITLE and then rewrite the filename the way you want it.

If you got the case right for TITLE, then you can filter for files where there is a difference in the filename with
"$strstr(%_filename%,%title%)" IS 0

I was not being critical of mp3tag at all. Far from it.
Because I had been correcting all the titles over a period of time I just wanted to make sure that all the filenames were corrected as well, as the filenames were an afterthought because for a long while I was not displaying a filename column.
My oversight / fault
I do however appreciate the fact that you have been trying to help me out here.

Is the filter:
"$strstr(%_filename%,%title%)" IS 0
Is it to be written exactly as it states including the rabbit ears and is the ending IS 0 or IS capital Theta or some other character?

The filter compares one string with another.
So if you use a scripting function that returns something, it should be in the format of a string.
The function $strstr() returns the position of a string in another string or a zero if there is no match.
So put the first part into inverted commas (") and also the zero.

You will find a fair number of hits in that way as the filenames do not allow all characters which means that TITLE will not be part of the filename.

It worked well.
As you said it pulled out a lot of hits (approx 2700 from 72000 odd ) and I was able to make corrections to about 800 of those that actually needed correcting for minor typos.
Thanks again.

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