Find Similar

Many of us use MP3Tag as a utility for both file management on PC as well as Players (well I do anyway). Sometimes, in error I have say 3 Michael Jackson versions of 'Bad' across the 1g internal memory (of Sandisk player) and the 512Mb SD card. A very useful utility would be ability of predefining say two drives and get MP3Tag to search out similar filenames. I use similarity tokanising in my own software and the code is freely available in C and Delphi so from that viewpoint should not be hard to impliment. Once the similar filenames are found, they would all be displayed on the browser window for user deletion if desired.
Also, this feature could be used for example on the hard drive to find similar MP3 or WMA files and delete all but the higher bitrate or whatever.
Food for thought or not?
PS just cause I listen to Michael Jackson, don't hold it against me ok :wink:

Hi bigal!
You should try Mp3 Filter, AFAIK, free version has some limitations, but it is really useful if you want to removing duplicates using some complex criteria.


Good idea, but criteria are not that complex and it costs $24.95