Find songs with [Single] in Title and delete it

I have a bunch of songs that have notes like "[Single]" in the title. I want to make an action that will scan for this in the title of the song and when it finds a song like this, it deletes "[Single]" from the title.

So it needs to find files like this "SONG TITLE [Single] - HD" and then deletes only the "[Single]" from the title.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Actiontype: Replace
Field: TITLE
Original: [Single] (There is space before the leading [ )
Replace with: (leave this empty)

Thanks, guess I was close. I will have another look at this method because I could not get it to work. I was thinking it was because I tried

Field: TITLE
Origional: " [Single]"
Replace: " "

I still wanted the space so it would read as "SONG TITLE - HD" after the rename.

But I don't think that you want a double space.
With my suggestion for a replace-action you keep the space behind the [Single].

I was way over thinking it. You are right, that worked perfectly! Thank you

hi, did you manage to take the [} out? i did the [Single] action but for some reason it doesnt take the [] out

Try to enclose the [ in '['