Finding Album name from artist and track

Hell all,
Trying to solve a huge headache. I have three folders full of singles that I acquired and ripped over the last 15 years. I tag-renamed the Album field for every track in one folder to Classic Rock since I never had full ID3 info. Now I'm trying to get album art and obviously, without the correct album name, it's not working.

So how can I find the correct album for over 1600 songs (or as many of them as possible), without doing manual searches?

Filename: Aerosmith - Dream On.mp3
Title: Dream On
Artist: Aerosmith
Album: (Currently "Classic Rock").

And then about 1599 more after it. Is this something MP3Tag is capable of natively, and if so, how? And if not, can anybody please recommend an app that will find the correct album title based on artist and track. I don't mind paying for a program or database that can do it, I just need to find a way to do it.

Please and Thanks!

This depends a lot on how accurate this should be.
As the tracks could be part of original albums, a single EP, a greatest hits album, a compilation, a re-release and so on, you can only get the really correct information with painstakingly checking each track in respect to length, remix and so on.

If it does not matter at all: simply copy the TITLE into ALBUM and treat every track as a single (EP).

A program would be musicbrainz picard - with dubious results.

I'm fine with treating every track as a single or even just having the artist's picture as the artwork. To me it doesn't matter if the cover art for "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" Is just a picture of Simon and Garfunkel or the actual cover art image for the BOTW album itself. Anything but a generic "Classic Rock" or music-note icon, which drives me nuts.

To copy TITLE into ALBUM use an action of the type "Format value" for ALBUM.
Format string: %title%

If you just want to add a picture, try "album art downloader" - which you can find with an internet search.

So what will happen if I copy the Title into Album? Does that make finding artwork easier? I don't fully understand how this works.

Yes, it should.
With the ARTIST and ALBUM field filled, you can use several of the included web source scripts e.g. the one from amazon for covers to retrieve the pictures.

The same should apply to the separate utility Albumart Downloader.

Just to update. I did as you suggest and it worked very well. I copied the track name into the ALBUM field, and left the track name and artist fields as they were. About 90% of the single tracks automatically downloaded the correct artwork, or at least an album image from the artist, which is good enough for me to be honest.

Thanks for your help. I never would have figure this out on my own!