Finding all records that have an EMPTY 'Lyrics' field

This is what I am trying to do... scan my music library and find any songs from a particular genre that have empty 'LYRICS' fields. I am unsure of the syntax to find an existing but empty field. At this point I do not want to delete fields or fill a field with different text. So:

All songs of the genre "70's Rock" that have a lyrics tag but the tag is empty

In addition, how would I go about finding songs that do not even have a LYRICS tag, and creating one? So:

Find all songs that do NOT have a LYRICS tag and add a LYRICS tag to each

Thanks in advance for any help!

Either there is contents in a field or the field is not there.
To see files with a certain condition, use the filter

In this case probably
%lyrics% MISSING
%unsyncedlyrics% MISSING

If you want to combine that with

then try
%genre% HAS "70s Rock" AND %unsyncedlyrics% MISSING

OK, and thank you for the prompt reply. So:

I would search for songs with missing LYRICS tags, and one by one, add a LYRICS tag and enter the appropriate text, correct?

You would use the filter mentioned above by @ohrenkino.
This show all songs without %UNSYNCEDLYRICS% (and in combination with %GENRE% only the once with a genre called "70s Rock").

In this reduced list of your songs you have to add (for example copy & paste) the matching lyrics into the tag called UNSYNCEDLYRICS.

You could automate this process, if you have already prepared your lyrics in a way that you can recognize and assign them to your songs.
For example:
If you have a song called "Waterloo" from the artist "ABBA" and you have already a separate lyrics text file named
ABBA (Waterloo).txt

You could import them using an action called "Import Text file".
If you don't have such already existing text files, the amount of time to copy & paste the lyrics directly seems nearly the same.

The advantage with separate text file would be, that you can repeat such an automated action as often as you wish, maybe you have multiple songs from ABBA with the title "Waterloo"?

Many thanks! I will likely go the cut and paste route with this.

Just a hint:
Foobar2000 has at least 2 plugins that look for lyrics in various sources and does so for all the selected files in 1 go.
The quality of the hits depends on the genre and the selected sources so that it is a good idea to check the lyrics afterwards - but that is true for all data found on the internet.
So it may be worthwhile to have a look at another program to reduce the amount of copies and pastries. ( :wink:)
Foobar also allows to filter for files with missing fields.

Thanks for the suggestion about Foobar2000. I think I will run the filter suggested, and see just how many songs I would be dealing with, vs. installing and learning a new program. Whichever seems the easier route is the one I'll take (I'm lazy that way!)

I don't know whether you have dug into the web sources already - here is a collection of WSS that search lyrics for you:

They work (mostly) on a track-by-track basis which involves a fair amount of clicking but is faster than the manual search plus copy and paste.
In the end I was too lazy for that once I discovered that the foobar solution lets you treat thousands of files in 1 go.

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