First Impression & Comments


looking for support for some extensive MP3-tagging I had to do this this weekend, I also tried MP3Tag. From all tools I tried it was the most comprehensive package, and most promising from the overall concept (including this forum, so having the most complete overall "appearance"). So I gladly made a donation, hoping to use this one from now on and not having to switch at all in the future.

Right now I still toggle between tools, since not everything is shining 100% brightly. But maybe (and hopefully) this problem is just sitting in front of my PC and I simply didn't twist the right screws:

  • I am working over a network on NAS-drive. Tagging with MP3Tag here is painfully slow. It seems to work with temporary files within the affected folder, and seemingly this back and forth negatively affects the overall performance. How about at least being able to provide a (local) path for temp files? This would minimize the need for network traffic.
  • Having said this: MP3Tag is not that fast at all, even on a local drive. WMP is actually superfast on changing tags (even over the network), so in principal it is seemingly possible. This is why I still prefer WMP for simple tagging e.g. if I need to set the "Genre" or something for an album and have it already somehow grouped at hand in WMP. This is of course no option if I still have it kind of "raw" somewhere in the filesystem.
  • And talking about slow speed on a NAS-access: it is really MEGA-painful that MP3Tag instantly writes back every kind of change or operation result. Normally I need to do multiple things before I am done. But since writing back takes so long (especially the first write-back -- consecutive operations are much faster) I am really stuck even on small albums. Why not do everything only in memory first? Entries could be marked "dirty" once being changed and only be written back alltogether once I am satisfied with all the changes I made.
  • Handling of tagging support (freedb, amazon) is a bit uncomfortable to use and partly inconsistent. E.g., using Amazon, my MP3 list is shown in parallel with already existing metatags, but when doing the same with manual freedb lookup, I just get the raw MP3-filenames (w/o existing tags). Why such a difference? The automatic freedb-lookup by ID almost always fails for me (if I don't have the source CD), but manual lookup helps a lot. However I always have to switch between the modes manually. Why not automatically do a tag lookup (as far as they exist) when ID lookup failed (maybe as a special auto-mode)? I really like what Picard can do for me here, and also its drag&drop matching is great to finalize some incomplete material! BTW: the manual freedb-lookup dialog is a bit strange (input field with slashes to separate the search terms, and additionally checkboxes to state whats in the search term? Haven't quite figured out the semantics behind it. I would have expected simply one input field for the desired tag-type. If left empty: unused).
  • Last (for now :rolleyes: ): Proxy setting shouldn't be manual, but rather use MS network-settings (at least optional). My laptop is automatically switched to proxy when I come to the office, and switched off at home. I should not need to configure this for MP3Tag each time anew...

So thanks for your patience for my comments. Maybe I just need to pull some switch to make it all work right for me...

Regards, Hans-Juergen

So the first reply comes from myself: I just downloaded the current Beta, and working over the network is now superfast as well, just as I would expect it to be. So forget these comments!
But I still see room for improvement on the freedb-support as mentioned. Especially sorting according to the master is not comfortable, especially since the lists are not resizable and you can only somehow bubble sort the list. Drag&Drop on the master like with Picard would be a definite plus!
Plus all my remaining comments :book:

This is quite a list, thanks for your comments. I'll look into the freedb suggestions and the proxy stuff after the next final release.

Kind regards,