First Post (and suggestion)

Hi, this is my first post on this forums, please don't go too hard on me :smiley:

After a bit of searching I've found nothing on this:
Is it possible to make an action wich deletes files in a folder of mp3' that meet a certain criteria like for example:

  • Delete all files except mp3 and jpgs
  • Delete all files except mp3s, jpgs and m3us

I'm suggesting this because almost every album downloaded from the internet contains files like .sfv, .txt, etc.

Thanks for your help.

C'mon guys, not a single word? :smiley:

I don't know about mp3tag, but if you're using windows, you can delete files with various extensions you don't want in your directory and all subdirectories (e.g., DEL *.txt). You could write a little DOS batch file to do this automatically. The "/S" after the command applies the command to all subdirectories. Essentially you could have one batch filey ou run with all the file types you don't want deleted:

name file something like "deletefiles.bat" File would look like:

REM Remove unwanted files from music directories
DEL c:\yourdirectory*.txt /S

add other DEL that you want with the filetypes

make sure you run it only in the directory structure that you want to delete things from. And test carefully first (you don't want to automatically delete all your .txt files from your entire C: drive!

There are tons of free file explorers that can do this. I just though that would be an easy thing to do by mp3tag, for a problem that is so common when downloading music.

If this is a task you need when downloading music, why not ask the developers of your download program to add this feature.

Besides, I really don't want to make this a full-fledged arbitrary file manager. There are already some of those.

I use mostly my browser to download music. I see mp3tag as an organizer too, that can handle all my mp3 management tasks, so this would be nice. But of course there are other ways to achieve this, one of them being manually deleting those files, that makes it boring but works :smiley:

But thanks for your attention, really love your program.