First Time Use

I've just joined the site after downloading MP3Tag.
I'm a newbie on Windows 7 64-bit at the moment & Windows Media 12.

I'm also new to 'tagging' via another program but Windows Media 12 is useless for this.
By contrast Windows Media 11 (for XP etc) was excellent

Let me clarify a little: I want to tag individual MP3 tracks from various CD's and so the CD album pic is different in each case.

If I show a track in Windows Explorer, all the tag data appear at the bottom...but not the CD album pic!

Hence the need for MP3Tag Editor Plus which has an option to add the pic in each case - I think!

Forgive my ignorance, but I can't see how to import an MP3 track from, for example, my Desktop to MP3Tag.
I'd appreciate any help...

Many thanks

What have you tried so far?
Did you have a look at the help?
Did you go through the menus - I would say that if it has to do with files, the "File" menu would be a good point to start.