first try - change of file name - now syntax error

Hi, I have a bunch of songs with the track number in front of the file name as well as in an extra tab. Now I tried to rename the file names so they come out without the filenames tracknumber. But instead I have "syntax error" on every file in mp3tag :angry: . If I take a look at the file in the windows folder the song name is still clear as well as the number is in front. Also the tag panel shows the correct name for the song, just the list shows the syntax error

So I would like know how the get rid of the syntax errors and how to get rid of the filename numbers, like "01 Sun of Jamaica"

                     "02 Thunderstruck"

Any help is welcome.

Thank you,

Action type: Replace with regular expression

Regular expression: ^\s*[0-9]+\s*
Replace matches with:
[ ] case-sensitive comparison

If you also have mp3s in this format: "01 - Artist - Title" (with a dash after the track number) try this instead:

Regular expression: ^\s*[0-9]+\s*-\s*

The rest is the same as in the first example.

Does that work?

Since I use the German Version of the Mp3tag I am not sure what to do. There is a tool named "konverter" but I am not aware what to do. Maybe someone can point out in German what to do. Or a step by step instruction would maybe help, too.



Why didn't you post in the german forum??

Take a look at the German FAQ


cool. I was not aware that there is a German forum.
Thank you.