Fix File Name From Tags

Hi all,

If anyone can help me with this.

Current file names are:

2002 020 - Creed My Sacrifice

Artist and title tags are already correct, so I am trying to correct the file name to include the - whilst retaining that 2002 020 as well

So i would end up with this:

2002 020 - Creed - My Sacrifice

I have played around with the actions using guess values, and i was able to populate the tags, using the file name, but cant figure out to do the reverse, to correct the file name with -

Thanks for any help


What does 2002 020 mean?
Are these numbers tags like 2002 for the year and 20 for the track number or something else?

hi there,

that's correct, its the year then chart number

So there are no tags filled at the moment with year and chart number?

There is no official tag "chart number" in MP3Tag. The track-number ist not meant for this but meant for a track of an album. But if you want you can use it for this purpose or you can create a selfdefined chartnumer-tag.

Create an action group with 2 actions in a row:

  1. Action to fill the tags of year and tracknumber
    Type: Guess values
    Source format: %_filename%
    Guessing Pattern: %year% %track% - %dummy%

  2. Action to rename the filename:
    Type: Format Value
    Field: _FILENAME
    Format String: %year% %track% - %artist% - %title%

If you want to create the selfdefined tag chartnumber instead of using tracknumber you only have to replace %track% with %chartnumber% in the two actions.

Advice: You should experiment with these actions always with duplicates and not with originals as long as are not sure kwhether they work as you expect them to work.

There also are ways to directly change only the filename without creating tags first but I think it is alsway a better solution to have tags properly filled and then rename the filename with the tags as source.

wow !

works perfectly

so many thanks for taking the time to do that


Examples for your studies ...

Action: Format value Field : _FILENAME Formatstring: $replace(%_filename%,%ARTIST%,%ARTIST%' -') ... or ... Formatstring: $replace(%_filename%,%TITLE%,'- '%TITLE%) ... or ... Formatstring: $replace(%_filename%,%ARTIST%' '%TITLE%,%ARTIST%' - '%TITLE%) ... or ... Formatstring: $left(%_filename%,$add($strstr(%_filename%,%ARTIST%),$len(%ARTIST%)))'- '%TITLE%