Fix missing tags is unusable

Here's an example:

Alanis Morissette - Hands Clean.mp3 (this is the filename)
Artist: Alanis Morissette
Title: Hands Clean

As you can see, I want MP3Tag to fill in the empty fields. When I try and search, with most of the searches it wants me to provide the name of the album. Well that's what I want it to do. I did find a search via Artist. So I expected that search to look for all albums by that artist and then look through each of those albums looking for that song title. Once it had a list of albums, it would then auto-choose the oldest of them. It did nothing like that at all, it just gave me a list of about 100 releases (DVDs, CD-singles, albums, compilations etc). It still therefore needed me to know the album name to get anywhere with this song.

Same story with the next mp3 I tried, Bon Jovi - Keep The Faith.mp3
Artist: Bon Jovi
Title: Keep The Faith
Album Artist:

Same problem, unless I already know the album name, none of the searches are any use.

How hard can it be to ask for all the albums by the artist, look through them for the title of the track and then mark that album as a candidate. Once all candidate albums are chosen, choose the oldest of them.

Is this a sourceforge project? Can I get the source code and make it work properly?

Is this a sourceforge project? Can I get the source code and make it work properly?

No and no.


I'm having pretty much the same problem as you. I've spent hours researching tagging software. My collection of 3000+ songs is pretty much all over the board when it comes to the tags. My filenames were good so I used software to update the artist and title of the tags which are now pretty good. However, what I've found is most all tagging software relies on the album to look up the tag information in the dbs out there. At this point I'm having to go one file at a time and try to use the lookup features. Sometimes have to try 2-3 dbs the software supports. And once I get a fairly accurate hit from the db, there is usually a large list of possible songs to select to bring back the tag into my song. Taking 3-4 minutes average per song. Ick!

Anyone have any suggestions? Anything I might be missing or overlooking?


Check out the Web Source Scripts available in this topic, one is discogs-Search by Artist + Title.src which should do what you want, if has your track listed...


this one could also do it: