Fix my YEAR

I have some tags that have year values as yyyy\\yyyy and I would like to have them just as yyyy. I have tried many things within Actions but nothing seems to work.

I have tried format value "YEAR":$left(%year%,4) and also "YEAR":$mid(%year%,1,4) but nothing happens.

Anyone have any ideas for me?


The double-backslash gets, I think, interpreted as separator for multi-value fields. You can check that if you open the extended tags dialogue for one of the files that has the year\\year in it: you should see 2 entries for year.
If you are sure that the second year is redundant you can simply delete it in the extended tags dialog (this should also work if you select more than one file).
Alternatively you can apply an action (see FAQs on actions) or you execute this action directly with the button "Actions (qucik)" as there are not parameters that can be entered: there is an action to either join multi-value fields or delete duplicate fields.
(try this on a single track first to see if this cures your problem)

Thank you. It was a duplicate field so under Actions I created an entry to 'remove duplicate fields'. Worked great.