Fixing broken unicode characters

I have some asian songs from my cousin, and all the filenames as well as tags have broken unicode characters (ie. ¡²¢Ü¡³¸Õµ¥ÀÌ Å°Á.mp3 for a filename). I was wondering if there's an option within mp3tag that can fix these characters or if there's a separate program i can use.

btw, mp3tag is the best tag program i've seen so far, keep up the good work!


I don't know any tool that can fix that. Those weird characters, are they always pairs? If yes, unicode characters have two bytes and maybe the program used for generating file names splitted those two bytes and mapped each byte to a character. It should be easy to fix if that's the case I guess.

You can try the action "Convert codepage".

Do any chinese characters show correctly on your system?

same problem here, with japanese characters (asian are fonts installed).
screenshot 1 -> mp3tag

and what unicode should i use, utf-8 or utf-16?

The action type has to be there. :wink:

Before you mess with the action, check if you have installed "files for East Asian language"
Just putting some fonts in the windows font dir is not enough.

230 mb is a lot of data ... i'll try it later.

aah ok, i found it. it's the ''action (quick)"-button and not the ''action''-button. but there's no japanese.

It has to be in both quick action and "regular" action actually since both use the same resources I guess (only that quick actions aren't saved).

That's because you have no japanese codepage installed in windows. It comes with "East Asian language".

But you can check the Advanced tab in the region settings, there are the codepages listed. Maybe you can only install the japanese one.

figured it out!

not only do u need the asian windows pack (as mentioned above), but if you happen to do streamripping from shoutcast, it doesn't properly support unicode (or at least the site i'm getting my songs from), so they appear funny. you can fix it using creative's media toolbox and select tag format converter. this will fix it all up! then use mp3tag to rename the filenames, based on the correctly formated tags.