FLAC and APEv2

I use a software package called Station Playlist Creator and Studio. This software allows the storage of song metadata in the APEv2 tag format regardless of the file type of the media object--MP3, FLAC, APE, OGG, it's all the same, the metadata is store as APEv2. Considering MP3Tag does not support this capability, I have a problem and a question.

My problem is that as I am upgrading my station library from MP3 format to FLAC, I cannot export the APEv2 format tags from the MP3 files and then import them into the FLAC files.

My question is, can this capability be added to MP3Tag, and if not, can it be explained as to how Station Playlist is able to do it and not break the FLAC format? Asked another way, unless Station Playlist is doing something which the standard doesn't support, can MP3Tag be made to do it, too?

Try this:
Change the extension of a FLAC file to .ape.
Write APEv2 tags with Mp3tag.
Rename the extension to .flac.
Test in Station Playlist Creator and Studio.

But don't hold your breath waiting for Mp3tag to be altered to allow writing APEv2 to FLAC files. :wink: