FLAC and Other Formats: Import no Longer Works (latest version)

Hi, I updated to the latest version of Mp3Tag, and the FLAC import no longer works. The file extension IS listed under extras=>options=>tags - and funny thing is, it DOES list the latest FLAC files I edited - but when I try to drag ANY other ones, ALL of which previously worked, into the window or use "change directory" - it doesn't list ANY files, none of the included formats. I re-installed the app, re-started Windows (10 64bit), and it doesnÄt work anymore.

What could be the problem.

Cheers, sound67

Check if you still have set a filter accidentally. Press F3 to switch off the filter and see if the files then appear.
The "Select folder" dialogue shows only folders as objects, no files. If the directory list stays empty, it means that there are no more folders to choose from.

Thanks for the fast reply. There were no filters.

But now I used "add directory" instead of "change directory" - and now mysteriously it works again, even the dragging of files into the main window. I wonder what has changed.