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Hi. I wanted to add the composer tag to a number of albums encoded with flac. This I did with MP3TAG. Checking things over, I noticed that some files after adding the composer field were empty. I added the composer again. I re-checked, again empty. I used Finder's "Get Info", and the composer was present in the Composer tag, at times duplicated. Yet, on MP3TAG the field continued to be empty. I've attached an image of the same. I suppose that I could forego adding the composer, but it's a useful indicator for me.

Am I doing something wrong?

Apologies if this Topic has been covered elsewhere.

Thanks for any guidance.

It looks like the composer field starts with empty text and possible linebreaks (indicated by the dots ...). Can you check the contents of the COMPOSER fields via the extended tag dialog at ⌘T and see if the data is correct?

Thanks for your prompt reply. I attach an image of the extended tag window,

BTW. Swinsian player does not recognise the composer tag, but JRiver does.

Thank you.

Yes, you're totally right. There were spaces and line breaks!!! Sorry for this silly mistake. Yet, I don't know how that blank space was there.

Thank you so very much.

No problem, glad it's fixed now! :+1:

You can watch out for the triple dots that are usually indicating linebreaks in the fields.

Will do so.

I think I know why there's line spaces: info is copied from html. I cry in shame. :cry:

Thanks again.

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