flac: cover file understanding (embeded or linked)


I'm still looking for the best way to add cover pictures to my flac-ripped CDs. So far I seem to have embedded the binary picture data (when ripping with EAC), I'd prefer to just link to a picture file in a folder. This may not (yet) be possible with mp3tag (didn't find this option at least) but is available by command line https://xiph.org/flac/documentation_tools_flac.html#flac_options_picture.

My idea is that (binary) embedding increases file size (and alters the complete file upon changes) and its a "static" picture - while the reference to a file allows for quick (ex)change of the picture (file) w/o altering the flac file itself. I can also add numerous further pictures from the booklet w/o blowing the size for each flac file (and with padding in metadata, not even touch the music data).
Does this sound somewhat understandable to you (whether you agree on the "advantage" or not)? :unsure:
Is "linking" somewhere available in Mp3tag?

Unfortunately, by command line at least, in contrast to embedding the binary pictures, it seems to be necessary to list all the picture data (mime type, size, colours) explicitly (as the picture file/link is obviously not checked for that). This is obviously far more work and also would require new tagging e.g. upon replacing the linked picture with a higher qualitiy one.

Do you know an alternative way to achieve what I imagine here?

Hope I'm not too far off-topic/off-mp3tag.

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Not that I know of.
Just some other thoughts:
Padding also occurs in the file system depending on the block size supported by the OS. I wouldn't bother too much about that.
Keeping the objects (music and picture) in sync is much harder if they are separate objects. I would favour an approach where you only have a single object that has all the data.
Do you know of any player that supports linked picture files?

In case of (several) hi-res pictures it will cause complete rewriting.

As I usually handle folders but not single files I don't mind.

I was just about to reply that Foobar can and obviously Twonky as well, but upon re-testing now I have to admit that indeed I don't know any - but I know now to press "save" more often in Mp3tag and also some other things...

Thank you a lot for questioning (and (instant) reply in general)!

So, then I'm left now with the question whether to tag pictures at all or just store as folder.jpg or the like in the album folder (still enabling easy swapping the picture). Twonky can handle both, but not that well in coexistance.

If you read that text you linked it also says "though this use is discouraged".
Apparently, enough people were.

To achieve a good balance between file-size and cover-quality and compatibilty with different players I do this:

I have all my music files in album-folders.
I only embed the front-cover in resolution 800x800 in the tracks and as a file (folder.jpg)
I put Hi-Res covers (Front, Back, Booklet ...) in the folder.
(Names: %albumartist% - %album% - Front/Back/Booklet ...)

BTW Mp3tag is able to show one cover-file of the directory in the folder without embedding.