Flac files editing by extended tags

I am not sure if this is a bug or not.
I am using mp3tag v2.58.
and editing flac files thru the extended tags.
I will select a group of files to edit.
right click and select extended tags.
If I select only one file that has the tag / comment of RippedBy its value of XXX
and I change it to EncodedBy its value XXX it will perform the change.
But if numerous files have RippedBy and different values and I change
it to EncodedBy it deletes the RippedBy and doesn't write the new EncodedBy.
Note there are no new comments added at all.


In dialog "Extended Tags...", you have detected a known limitation when changing the content of a tag-field's key.
Renaming a tag-field's key will work only on one file.
If more files have been selected, then this tag-field within all the selected files will be removed.
Immediately pressing [Ctrl+Z] may restore the tag-fields.

The recommended workaround is ... do a two-step process:

  1. Action "Format value" to copy existing values from the old key to the new key.
  2. Remove the old key.

Well, me too, I would like to see this limitation to be gone.


Thank You.

That's the way I am doing it.