FLAC files in alphabetic order when streaming


I have ripped a bunch of CD's to FLAC using EAC for use on a home network, these files show up in FOOBAR2000 on my laptop in the correct album order, but when steaming them to a QED uPlay Stream, using both Android and iOS apps, each album shows up with the songs in alphabetic order. Can anyone advise, in layman's terms, if I can remedy this problem using MP3tag.

I have a little basic Mp3tag knowledge having managed to change errors, and track numbers etc but nothing I do seems to make any difference with my uPlay. However I have read that this problem can be sorted.

I have tried to follow instructions from other forums (other people's threads) but don't fully understand what I am meant to do, and the things I have tried haven't worked.

many thanks in advance for any help


You have to find out, what uPlay uses as sorting criteria: the title or the filename.
Use the function Convert>Tag-Filename to adapt the filename, e.g.

Or if you have to fiddle about with the title, you can either use an action of the type "Format value" for TITLE with the same information or the function
also with that string example I gave.