Flac files - right click contect - Mp3tag missing

I have associated my flac files with foobar. I can see Mp3tag as an option at the directory/folder level which contains flac files - becuase of Mp3tag key being included in the shell under Directory.Audio setting in the Registry.

However I cannot get Mp3tag to appear on right click menu for a single flac file. MP3s work fine which are associated with WMP. I can manually add the same Mp3tag shell command to the foobar2000.flac shell registry, but everytime I open foobar the registry key disappears (it seems to reset the registry keys).

Is there a way I can get Mp3tag to appear on flac files without using the foobar2000.flac registry key to do it.


Unfortunately not. foobar2000 seems to reset the entries under its own file-type registry keys.