Flac Losless Mark


I want to add right after the Codec FLAC in a column , the word (Losless) if the bitrate is +/- 1400-1420 kbit/s

Or simply add a checkmark in The Column Losless

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What a great piece of software you have

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Create a new column with a suitable name
Enter as value:
Leave empty the input for "field".

Alright it works
Can you fix for bitrate between 1399 and 1600
More than 1600 kbits/s is not for 16 bits (FLAC OR WAV) file

thank you

Do you realize that you can create a bitdepth column.. Use this as the value and leave field blank:


I'm curious why you want to label FLAC files that have less than 1399 bitrate as lossy. I have plenty of FLAC files ripped at "-5" that are less than 1399 bitrate (some are 700 to 900). But they are LOSSLESS rips that I ripped from CD and they are bitperfect back to CD. The bitrate reported by mp3tag is the "compressed" VBR. All these files are decoded back to orginal.

I think this would be something like this for "value":

Many of my FLAC files have between 1400 and 1420 Kbits/s

The software i use for is XRECODE3 and my setting is FLAC lossless

Thank you that's what i need

Great support


For the info of any other readers of this thread: All FLAC files are lossless copies of whatever was ripped. They can be different file sizes depending on the compression used (the compression is NOT lossy compression like mp3). But anyhow, you have what you needed.